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This is a free service and therefore the accuracy and availability of the service cannot be guaranteed.

We will, however, do our best to ensure it is as accurate and as useful as possible. Comprehensive support cannot be provided, but we try our hardest to answer any questions you may have, or implement any feasible features requested.

Also note that not all areas are included in the Eskom load shedding schedule (for example the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality), however we have made special arrangements to include their schedule in the MyEnergy Monitor application. If your area is not included in the application AND you can point us to a schedule on the internet that includes your area, we will do our best to include the data in the monitor.

Please send any queries, comments, suggestions, feature requests or even just thanks to We look forward to your feedback!


live load shedding info

The current power status was not able to be determined.
 Pre-emptive load shedding is not in progress.
scheduled for load shedding at *

user reported outages **
No outages reported
No outages reported
No outages reported
Total reported hours without power since Eskom suspended load shedding on 5 May 2008
* the values are calculated using the schedules we currently have in the system, based on the outages at . these values do not apply if pre-emptive load shedding is not in action.
** users can report unexpected outages using the MyEnergy Monitor desktop tool. values are updated every 15 minutes.


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